JP & Barb M.  Tilbury, ON     

Feb, 2017

In 2012 we purchased a newer home and had CliCom install an on demand tankless water heater.  We are retired seniors so our hot water consumption is less than a growing family.  We travel away several times a year, so one large benefit of this water  heater is zero energy consumption when we are away.  We don’t need to change anything in the house, just leave.  A conventional water heater (eg. 50 Gal.) will continue to heat the water regardless of use.

We have had the system for over 4 years and I see an average savings from my old system of approx. $10/mon.  That is $120 annually which makes the purchase price of the tank self- paying.  They are extremely high efficient.

Another big benefit is the endless supply of hot water.  If we have guests stay over and there are daily showers and laundry to perform we never need to worry about running short.  The hot water is heated as you draw it so you could run hot water for hours and never run out.

Endless supply and monthly savings are big reasons to own one.  I would recommend the system to everyone!



Robert S.  Lakeshore, ON     

Feb, 2017

I recently replaced my old electric baseboard heating system in my two level home, with a state of the art Energy Star certified LG Ductless mini-split heat pump system.  I now have the ability of controlling both indoor units separately with a remote control on each level.

  • Competent, knowledgeable, friendly and professional service techs that answered all my questions
  • System quickly installed in one day
  • Recommend CliCom and look forward to future purchases
  • Very satisfied customer



Tim P.  Tecumseh, ON    

Feb, 2017

  • I have 7 houses on maintenance contracts and I’ve been a customer for over 3 yrs
  • Installations were great!
  • Services were wonderful!
  • Good prices



Peter N.  St. Clair Beach, ON     

Jan, 2017

  • Been dealing with this company for over 15 yrs
  • Good Service
  • Always prompt
  • good work
  • The owner Joe is easy to talk to



Virginia N.  Windsor, ON    

Dec, 2016

  • Excellent work
  • Excellent products
  • Will definitely go back for other products like an Air Conditioner or Humidifier
  • The maintenance contract is a good investment