About the Rotary Disc Furnace Mount Humidifier

Our top-of-the line patented rotary disc humidifier is 100% water efficient, producing 1 gallon of humidity for 1 gallon of water, uses very little energy and has a long-life cleanable evaporative media. It continues to humidify even while passing ambient air through the system.

Features and Benefits of the Rotary Disc Furnace Mount Humidifier

      • Closed loop (drain-less) system with 1:1 conversion of water to humidity. The unit also uses very little energy (4 Watts/hr) and does not waste any energy by transferring furnace heat to warm waste water down the drain¹.
      • The patented² polycarbonate disc wheel provides an unsurpassed 15 square feet of evaporative surface area in a very compact housing that is capable of producing 14 GPD (2.2liters/hr) of humidity using cold supply water. Its large surface area and non-absorbent plastic construction promotes evaporation which allows the unit to operate independently of the furnace heat cycle providing improved humidity control even in fan circulation mode. Ideal for low temperature systems such as heat pumps and geothermal applications.
      • Self-cleaning action of the polycarbonate disc eliminates performance degradation common in traditional absorbent pads or filters. The minerals left behind through evaporation do not attach to the plastic surface. These become saturated and shed from the disc surface to collect in the bottom of the basin. Mineral accumulations require periodic removal by draining the basin which can be done manually or automatically every 48 hours with the addition of the Auto-Flush accessory.
      • The rotary disc humidifier is water efficient, uses very little power, does not require hot water to operate and never needs replacement filters or pads, which saves money and creates less waste. The polycarbonate disc wheel is durable and easily cleaner for lifelong performance without replacement, backed by a 10 year limited warranty.

¹ When installed with Auto-Flush accessory, the system is considered 95% water efficient
² US 5,795,505